Making it easy to cut waste from your routine


The tube is made with 50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Plastic* *Plastic that’s already served its original purpose and has been recycled

We use vegetable-based inks to print our labels


Once you use up the balm, you can recycle the tube using TerraCycle or drop it in a larger plastic bottle for curbside recycling

Our label extends just enough to prevent tampering, which means we avoid 1,800 miles of plastic shrink wrap annually


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We think a lot about all the materials we use—and the ones we don’t. We try to avoid new materials and unnecessary packaging, and make sure all of our packages are recyclable or reusable.

We put an average of 52% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in our plastics.

We’re always trying to push the limits of our packaging to include more PCR and be easily recyclable without compromising the safety or quality of the products you love.

We avoid over-packaging, limit mixed materials and use innovative recycled materials.

Our towelettes are made from repurposed cotton tees, and their package has a sticker rather than a plastic closure. Our lip balms aren’t shrink-wrapped; instead, they have a slightly longer label that prevents tampering. Choices like these help us limit our footprint and cut out unnecessary plastics.

We choose high-integrity materials that are more readily recyclable.

That includes aluminum, steel, paper, glass, and plastics like PETE, HDPE and PP, with as much PCR as possible. Once our packaging has served its initial purpose, if we’ve made it easy to recycle, then we’ve made it easier for you to help us close the loop.